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Round 1 play suspended, Young & Cavalleri leading
May 23, 2013

Silvia Cavalleri, -6
Heather Bowie Young, -6
Anna Nordqvist, -5

First-round play at the Pure Silk-Bahamas LPGA Classic was suspended due to darkness on Friday at 7:41 p.m. Heather Bowie Young and Silvia Cavalleri each shot 6-under-par 39 on the 12-hole, par 45 revised layout Friday to take the clubhouse lead at the inaugural event. A total of 27 players will return at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning to complete first round play, with second-round play beginning simultaneously..

Four players, including major champion Anna Nordqvist, are tied for fourth at 5-under-par 40.

Heavy rains on Tuesday forced tournament officials to shorten the 18-hole layout at the Ocean Club Golf Course. Crews will continue to work on clearing water from the course into the night on Friday.

Lightning in the area forced a nearly three hour suspension of play between 10:38 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., further delaying tee times. The final group of the first round teed off at 6:25 p.m.

“It's just Mother Nature, and as a golfer you grow up with this,” said Bowie Young. “You know you just go when you can, and they're making the absolute best of the situation. I'm really glad we're playing golf.”

Tournament officials expect to complete two rounds of play by Saturday evening. To do so, players will remain in the same groups for the second round with no flip-flop of tee times.

Nordqvist Stays Low: Anna Nordqvist is no stranger to going low. In fact, last week at the Mobile Bay LPGA Classic, she carded a career-low 61 in the third round. Hard to believe she beat that score by 20 shots today on the 12-hole, par-45 layout at the Pure Silk-Bahamas LPGA Classic.

“Last week I had a couple easy birdies and made a couple ten footers and golf just seemed very easy that day,” she said, in reference to her third-round 61 at the Mobile Bay LPGA Classic.

Nordqvist won twice on the LPGA in 2009 including a major championship victory at the McDonald’s LPGA Championship (now called the Wegmans LPGA Championship). The two-time European Solheim Cup Team member enters this week seeking her third-career victory, and finally some putts are starting to fall for her. On Friday, she carded a 5-under-par 40.

“I feel like my game has been improving and improving all year,” she said. “I just haven't got any putts to drop really (until last week).”

Quote of the day – Tiffany Joh, who shot 4-under-par 41: "Before I teed off I was like, should I go to the bathroom? I can probably hold it for 12 holes.”

Ace! Second-year LPGA member Maude-Aimee Leblanc carded a hole-in-one on the 12th hole with a 6-iron from 167 yards.

Five things to know about co-leader Heather Bowie Young:
Would love to be on the show 30 Rock because she finds it hilarious
Her ideal day would be in Napa with her husband
Describes playing golf with George W. Bush while he was governor of Texas as one of the coolest experiences of her life
Carries a 1962 quarter in her golf bag
Graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Finance

Silvia Cavalleri, -6

Q. So 6-under par in a 12-hole layout. How do you react to that?
SILVIA CAVALLERI: We played as many holes as we are allowed to play. Just have to adopt to the course. Now it's a 12-hole course. It's okay.

Q. When you came here today, obviously there's been some challenges with the tournament and the course. Did you have any expectations of how you were going to play on a 12-hole course?
SILVIA CAVALLERI: No. I mean it's first time for me, I think for a lot of other players. So we just go out and we are professionals, so we just play how many holes they tell us to play.

Q. Just take me through your round. What worked well? Any long birdies or chip-ins or anything?
SILVIA CAVALLERI: Yeah. I had one chip-in and putt off the fringe that went in for a couple of birdies, and after that pretty much hit it pretty close, about ten feet all the time. And I had a little 3-putt as well in the round. So kind of evens out.

Q. What's the state of your game coming into this week? How have you been feeling?
SILVIA CAVALLERI: I've been feeling good, not great. I've been playing for a long time. And I had a issue last year where I had medical problems and problems in my family. So I don't expect that much.
To me I'm just kind of starting to going and playing tournaments and getting used to be under pressure again. So I know my game was getting ready, but I mean it's very pleased to be 6-under after 12 holes.

Heather Bowie Young, -6

Q. We're here with Heather Bowie Young, the course record holder right now at the PureSilk Bahamas LPGA Classic. You went 6-under on the 12-hole layout here at the ocean club. Just take us through your round. Some different holes, a new layout than what you practiced on earlier this week. How did it go for you?
HEATHER BOWIE YOUNG: Well, it went pretty well. I mean I would take 6-under starting the day. I had a nice stretch in the middle. I made five birdies in a row, and two of them were par-3s. One of them was a hole that was shortened into a par-3. But of the 12 holes that we played I think I had seen seven and I had not seen five. So maybe I should not play practice rounds anymore.

Q. Just talk about trying to make the best of a challenging situation. You know, we found out yesterday we were going to have to knock it down to a 12-hole layout today. We had a little delay there. You had not much left to finish. Got back out there and finished it off strong. Just talk about the challenges.
HEATHER BOWIE YOUNG: Well, it's just Mother Nature, and as a golfer you grow up with this. You know you just go when you can, and they're making the absolute best of the situation. I'm really glad we're playing golf. The holes we've played were in very good shape, like I didn't hardly have any mud on my ball, so they've gotten the course in tremendously good shape.

Q. Have you ever posted a 39 before?
HEATHER BOWIE YOUNG: Not for 12 holes, no. I can remember trying to shoot 39 for nine holes at one point, and that's happened this year. I've shot well over that for nine holes.

Q. Just talk about the state of your game, how you're feeling this year and in general.
HEATHER BOWIE YOUNG: This year hasn't been my best year, but I've seen some things come around the last three or four weeks, so that's been encouraging.

Started to come around at the Dallas event. So hopefully this is a trend upward.

Anna Nordqvist, -5

ANNA NORDQVIST: The fact that we are playing. The staff has done a tremendous job just getting us playing even though it was 12 holes, and the more holes you can play, the happier you are. So I just felt like I had to go out with a birdie mentality today not knowing how many holes we are going to play this week. But I gave myself a lot of chances, and it felt pretty good out there, so I'm really happy with the 5-under today.

Q. Just talk about your mentality going into a tournament round where you're not playing 18 holes. Is there anything that was different for you this morning before you went out?
ANNA NORDQVIST: You know, I was happy like, okay, I teed off at 9:30 and expect to be done by 1 and then lay by the beach or relax all afternoon, but then it turned out we played five holes and then had the three-hour delay. But you know, you just gotta make the best out of it. It's the same for everyone, and I think we all agree that we're just happy to be playing.

Q. You mentioned on Golf Channel obviously the 61 was nice last week in Mobile. What's working so well for you in your game that you're able to go so low right now?
ANNA NORDQVIST: I feel like my game's been improving and improving all year. I just haven't got any putts to drop really.

Last week I had a couple easy birdies and made a couple ten footers and golf just seemed very easy that day.


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