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Moreno leading Wright, course still shortened
May 25, 2013

Paola Moreno, -9
Lindsey Wright, -8
Cristie Kerr, -6
Hee Kyung Seo, -6

Paola Moreno shot 4-under-par 41 on Saturday to take the 24-hole lead at the inaugural Pure Silk-Bahamas LPGA Classic. Seeking her first-ever LPGA victory, Moreno leads Lindsey Wright by one shot at 9-under-par entering the final round tomorrow.

For the second consecutive day, the Pure Silk-Bahamas LPGA Classic featured a 12-hole, par-45 layout following severe weather on Tuesday that dropped more than a foot of rain on the Ocean Club Golf Course at Atlantis Resort.

“It’s been exciting and I just focus on what I can control and the holes ahead of me,” she said. “I’m very excited for tomorrow.”

Moreno has two victories on the Symetra Tour and finished second on the Road to the LPGA last season to regain LPGA status. A tie for 23rd at the 2013 LPGA LOTTE Championship Presented by J Golf is her career-best finish.

“The only thing that matters right now is the first tee tomorrow,” she said.

Her day consisted of four birdies, including a 25-foot putt on the sixth hole.

Wright carded the round of the week on Saturday with a 7-under-par 38 that included seven birdies. Like Moreno, Wright is also seeking to become a Rolex First-Time Winner on Sunday.

“I just played faultless golf really,” said Wright. “I didn't make any mistakes. I made a ton of putts.”

The Aussie’s career-best finish came at the 2009 McDonald’s LPGA Championship, now the Wegmans LPGA Championship, where she was runner-up. She won three times on the Symetra Tour before joining the LPGA in 2005.

Eun-Hee Ji and Julieta Granada are tied for third at 7-under-par.

LPGA Statement Regarding The Completion of the Pure Silk-Bahamas LPGA Classic
Tournament officials expect to complete 36 holes of golf by Sunday evening, making the inaugural Pure Silk-Bahamas LPGA Classic an official event with official money. If the final round of 12 holes cannot be completed for any reason, the tournament will revert back to a 24-hole unofficial event with unofficial money paid based on performance over the first two rounds. Golf will be played on Monday morning only if a playoff must begin or continue to break a 36-hole tie.

Kerr looking for back-to-back wins. American Cristie Kerr returned to action this week for the first time since winning the Kingsmill Championship earlier this month. The 16-time LPGA winner is 6-under-par and three shots off the lead following a 5-under-par 40 on Saturday.

“I hit it really good, gave myself a lot of chances,” she said. “It played a little more difficult today even I think because of the wind.”

Layout change: On Sunday, the Pure Silk-Bahamas LPGA Classic will again feature a 12-hole layout, but this time with one modification. The fourth hole will no longer be played in favor of the 18th hole, which will serve as the tournament’s finishing hole. The course will play to a par of 47. The routing will be: 10-6-7-5-11-12-13-14-2-3-8-18.

Currently 10th on the Rolex Rankings, Kerr jumped from a tie for 56th into a tie for fifth with her 5-under-par round. She is tied alongside American Mina Harigae and South Koreans Hee Kyung Seo, Ilhee Lee and Hee Young Park.

Tweet of the Day from Becky Morgan @BJMGolf: "Did you see a ball come this way?" I said to the man lying on the beach as I walked past in my golf shoes, caddy in tow... #thatsafirst

Quote of the Day from Paola Moreno on whether she is nervous about tomorrow: “Nerves are good. Yeah, of course. I mean I prepare myself for these kind of situations, to play the last day and hopefully win tournaments.”


Q. So if you would, just tell us about your round. You're bogey free through two days here.
PAOLA MORENO: Yes. It's been exciting. You know, I am just focused on what I can control right now, and it's my game and the holes that I have ahead of me. I've been putting well, very solid. So very excited for tomorrow.

Q. Does it feel like you're in the hunt, even though you've played two 12-hole rounds? Does it still feel like tomorrow is potentially the biggest day of your career?
PAOLA MORENO: Of course it could be. Like I said, I'm focused on what I can control right now, and the only thing that matters right now is the first tee on No. 1 or No. 10, whatever hole we're playing tomorrow.
And I'm just excited to be here, and I'm going to do my best, and we'll see.

Q. Can you just talk about any longer putts you might have made today, chip-ins, anything like that?
PAOLA MORENO: Okay. I made a good one on No. 2, which is No. 6, I'm guessing. Yeah, I made a pretty good one.

Q. How far was that, do you remember?
PAOLA MORENO: 25-footer. And then I made like a 20-footer on No. 4. And then I had 15-footers in No. 11, which was I don't know what number it is. And then 13. I birdied that one.

Q. Was that a short one, the putt?
PAOLA MORENO: The putt, yeah, like a 10-footer. I don't think it was 15.

Q. Did you know you were in the lead?
PAOLA MORENO: I saw the scoreboard, but like I said, I'm just focusing on the shot that I have ahead of me, trying to stay in the present and do my best.

Q. Were you nervous about finishing?
PAOLA MORENO: No. 8 is a pretty tricky hole for us, and I just wanted to finish. I didn't want to come early tomorrow to finish my round. But I actually made par and almost made a birdie. So it was good.

Q. So what do you focus on tomorrow, 10 tee?
PAOLA MORENO: First tee shot. Yeah.

Q. No. 10?
PAOLA MORENO: I'm guessing that's the first hole. That's all I'm focusing right now.

Q. They're going to play No. 18 tomorrow.
PAOLA MORENO: I'm not sure. I haven't heard anything from the officials.

Q. They are. They're finishing hole 18 tomorrow.
PAOLA MORENO: Oh, perfect. Well, I'm excited.

Q. Did you play it earlier this week?
PAOLA MORENO: I did. I played 18 on Monday and nine holes on Tuesday. So I've seen the course.

Q. Did you see all the dead fish in the pond going up to 3?
PAOLA MORENO: I did. It didn't smell good. But you know, it's such a beautiful place. We actually love it here, and we hope, you know, we can have this tournament every year. It's beautiful.

Q. Was there anything for you that you were going to play this well?
PAOLA MORENO: I've been putting well this week. I found something in my stroke this week at the beginning of the week, which was the difference between the other weeks that I've been missing cuts just for one stroke, just one putt or just not making enough putts.
And I'm excited to play tomorrow. It's going to be fun.

Q. How different do you think it'll be tomorrow knowing you start with only 12 holes instead of 18? It's like a short round, isn't it?
PAOLA MORENO: Sure. I mean it's different. I'm not going to say it's usual, you know, but I can't control that. I can't control the holes that they want us to play.
The only thing that I really want to do is put myself out there and bring the best attitude and my A game hopefully.

Q. Are you nervous?
PAOLA MORENO: Nerves are good. Yeah, of course. I mean I prepare myself for these kind of situations, to play the last day and hopefully win tournaments, you know, but there are a lot of holes left, and I can only say I have to play very solid tomorrow and bring my best game. Yeah.


Q. All right. We're here with Lindsay Wright who is the clubhouse leader right now after 7-under par on 12 holes in the second round. How does it feel?
LINDSEY WRIGHT: It's still sinking in right now. Yeah, I just played faultless golf really. I didn't make any mistakes. I made a ton of putts.
I hit a lot of shots close. I think I probably had -- I made one birdie -- two birdies outside of 15 feet. The rest were inside of 15 feet. So I putted some solid -- hit the ball really solid, you know. It was a great round. I liked it.

Q. Kind of a strange week to mentally go into, you know, a 12-hole round, some delays, some changes to the tournament. Just talk about your mentality heading into yesterday and then into today.
LINDSEY WRIGHT: Yeah. Look, the way I see it, it's the same for everyone. There's always complaining. I mean you just can't have a tournament without that.
And I think, you know, I think it's a shame because the course -- I love the course on Monday, Tuesday, it was brilliant. It's a shame we're playing 12 holes, but I think for the sponsors and for the Bahamas and for PureSilk, I mean it's the right thing to do. There's no doubt. I mean we're here to play golf. We're not here to party. Do that early on in the week.
So yeah, I'm happy to be playing. I've been enjoying my golf. So it's an opportunity to play on this course. There's some beautiful holes coming in, and you know, it is what it is.

Q. Just talk to me about the state of your game this year, how are you feeling?
LINDSEY WRIGHT: It's been really frustrating because I've been hitting the ball so well, and my putting has just been horrendous.
It's like one week my putting is great, and I've hit a few bad shots here and there. I just haven't put it together. I think today and yesterday I really put my rounds from tee to green, it was just, you know, perfect and then on the greens I -- it's just starting to come together which is nice. You know, I was getting frustrated there for a bit, and been trying to stay patient, and it's really -- it's encouraging going into the next few events to kind of have a couple of days like today and yesterday.


Q. All right, Julieta, a nice round today, 3-under par, in the 12-hole layout. If you would, just talk about your day.
JULIETA GRANADA: Yeah, I had a really good day. I was a little off. It was a little windier than yesterday, so it took me a couple of holes to get my ball striking to where I like it, but after that I managed to make a few putts, and just played steady golf.

Q. Just talk about the state of your game, how you feel you're playing this year.
JULIETA GRANADA: Yeah, this year it was a different year. I was injured for the beginning of the year, so I was just kind of trying to play through it. And I'm finally feeling healthy and I'm going full at it, so I just feel like everything is coming together now, so it's good timing.

Q. What was the injury?
JULIETA GRANADA: Just left hip was hurting.

Q. Just talk about this week. It's been a lot different than A normal tournament week. It's been a different format based on the rain. Has it been tough to wrap your head around coming to the course to play a 12-hole round?
JULIETA GRANADA: You know, I love being here in the Bahamas, first of all. I think the views are incredible. So you know, we could play three holes and go to the beach. I'm cool. No, I'm kidding.
But no, it was different knowing that it was a 12-hole format, but I think once you're on the course, it doesn't really matter where you stop. If you have a birdie chance you better make it. So once you're on the course it's the same, but obviously 12 is a little less than usual.

Q. Last one. How does it feel to be in the hunt for a victory tomorrow?
JULIETA GRANADA: Yeah, it feels good. You know, I'm enjoying this week. I'm enjoying everything about it. So hopefully tomorrow will be something special.


Q. On that note, your second round here, 24 holes into the tournament. 5-under for the day. So you know, solid effort. Just talk about this week just in general. I know it's been different.
CRISTIE KERR: It's been different. It's been tough, and you know, God, this poor golf course. This golf course was in such good shape, and you know, one of the best courses we've played in a while, if not all year. And you know tough, but fun, and you know, to see the flooding and what happened, you just can't believe it.
A guy who's lived here for 50 years says he hasn't seen it like that ever in this golf course, so it must have just been like high tide and like 18 inches of rain. It was just crazy.
And then trying to figure out what to do and trying to figure out how to make it an official tournament. And it's just been so strange, you know, but I think everybody's really happy to play.

Q. Just talk about your round today. It's almost weird to talk about 5-under on 12 holes.

Q. But just sort of take me through it. What worked for you?
CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, you know, I hit it really good today. You know, I made one bogey and just kind of pushed that putt.
But just hit it really good, gave myself a lot of chances, and you know, it played a little more difficult today even I think because of the wind. So it was good, and it kind of feels like a shoot-out, so you only have 12 holes every day, you know, and you gotta just go as low as you can because there's going to be somebody that's trying to do the same thing. So I did my job today.

Q. Just talk about coming off the win at Kingsmill. You had a couple weeks off. To be back out and with a three-week stretch, including at a major that you've won. What does this kind of stretch mean to you in your season?
CRISTIE KERR: I think it's great. You know, I hadn't won a tournament in the beginning of the year for a few years, and it's great to get one early. Gives you a lot of confidence.
You know, I didn't even -- you know, I had a really, really good solid putter on Sunday at Kingsmill, but it kind of saved me. I really didn't hit it that good. I'm just trying to learn how to get better under pressure and in contention, and it was just good to get one. And you know, to know I have a lot of golf left and kind of have some fun.


Q. All right. Hee Kyung Seo, 3-under par today at the PureSilk Bahamas LPGA Classic. You're 6-under par overall, tied for second right now. If you would just tell us about how you played today.
HEE KYUNG SEO: It was a little windier than yesterday. It was a little calmer yesterday. We were the last group that finished the 12 holes. So I was really happy that I made, you know, 12 holes yesterday.
And then today it was just a new day, so I just concentrate shot by shot and then try to figure out where the wind comes from, and it was a little hard to decide what club I'm going to hit, but I think I did really good job with my caddy team, and I really enjoyed the ocean view out there.

Q. Sure. We heard yesterday that Na Yeon was sprinting to the final hole so you guys could tee off before the horn.

Q. Just talk about this week. It's been different, only playing 12 holes a day. Has it been easier or harder to get ready to play golf?
HEE KYUNG SEO: I think we got right decision that we decide to play even 12 holes because it's really nice area to be here.
Well, also, you know, we're here for the tournament and for the sponsors, so I really like to play 12 holes, but it's a little different, but it's easier to play -- easier than playing 18 holes. But I think we have to concentrate more to make more birdies at the beginning of the round. So it's I think more putting competition.

Q. Yeah. Just talk to me about the state of your game this year. How do you feel you've been playing?
HEE KYUNG SEO: I feel much comfortable than last year. I was struggling on my iron shots last year, so I worked a lot during the wintertime, and had lots of discussions with my caddy. So I think I found my things. I was too much relying on lessons and trying to find something from my swing, but it wasn't anything. It was just my rhythm. And so I think now I got my own thing, and even on the green I got more confidence because I make more green and I have more chances. So it's more -- I'm having more fun.


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