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How the FedEx Cup points system works

In 2007, the PGA TOUR enters a new era in golf with an season-long points competition called the FedEx Cup. This competition, spanning 37 weeks, will dramatically change the PGA Tour, offering fans a new competitive element while giving the sport a more defined "season."

The PGA Tour season will now be divided into two parts, the FedEx Cup and the PGA Tour Fall Series:

1.  FedEx Cup

PGA Tour Regular Season (33 weeks)
The Regular Season will consist of 36 events in 33 weeks from the beginning of January to the middle of August. Players will accumulate FedEx Cup points which will determine their seeding for the PGA Tour Playoffs for the FedEx Cup.

PGA Tour Playoffs for the FedEx Cup (4 weeks)
The Playoffs will consist of four events between late-August and mid-September. These four events will determine the winner of the FedEx Cup. In addition, the top 30 finishers will be guaranteed exemption for the following year.

2.  PGA Tour Fall Series

Between late September and early November, a Fall Series of seven tournaments will be conducted to finalize the following year's eligibility for players who do not finish in the top 30 of the FedEx Cup. Players will vie for positions 31-125, based on final season earnings.

How points are earned

PGA Tour Regular Season FedEx Cup Points
Official PGA Tour events played during the Regular Season will award 25,000 FedEx Cup points. More points will be allotted to certain events:

• The Masters, The Players Championship, U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship will award 27,500 FedEx Cup points.

• World Golf Championships events will award 26,250 FedEx Cup points.

For a complete listing of points for every position in every event, please click here.

How Points are Distributed

This table shows the specific number of FedEx Cup points awarded to each position in a standard Regular Season event.

Position	Points awarded

1		4500
2		2700
3		1700
4		1200
5		1000
10		675
30		170
70		50

Additional events played during the Regular Season will award 12,500 FedEx Cup points. Additional events are those that are played the same week as the World Golf Championships and British Open.

How The Playoffs Work

At the conclusion of the Regular Season, each player's points total determines his position, or "seed," going into the PGA Tour Playoffs for the FedEx Cup. All points will be "reset" for the Playoffs, as shown below. The top 144 players will be eligible.

The leader will start the playoffs with a slim advantage - 100,000 points, compared with 99,000 points for the player in second player. The drop-off is 500 points for every place through No. 5, 250 points through No. 10, 150 points through No. 30, and 75-point reductions for every place through No. 144.

Regular Season 		Point Total
Finishing Position
1 			100,000 
2 			99,000 
3 			98,500 
4 			98,000 
5 			97,500 
6 			97,250 
7 			97,000 
8 			96,750 
9 			96,500 
10 			96,250 
30 			93,250 
50 			91,750 
70 			90,250 
120 			86,500 
130 			85,750 
144 			84,700 

PGA Tour Playoffs for the FedEx Cup

The Playoffs will consist of four events:

Tournament 		Location 	Field Size
The Barclays 		New York 	144  
Deutsche Bank Ch'ship 	Boston 		120  
BMW Championship 	Chicago 	70  
The Tour Ch'hip 	Atlanta 	30  

The PGA Tour Playoffs for the FedEx Cup will feature a progressive cut through the first three events to determine the final 30 players who will qualify for The Tour Championship presented by Coca-Cola, where the FedEx Cup Champion will be determined. The Barclays opens the playoffs with 144 players, followed by the Deutsche Bank Championship with 120 and the BMW Championship with 70.

FedEx Cup Points in the Playoffs

All Playoff events will award 50,000 total points, as shown below. The final Playoff event,The Tour Championship presented by Coca-Cola, awards slightly more points per position due to the smaller 30-player field.

Playoff Points  
Position 	First three events 		The Tour Championship
1 			9,000 				10,300 
2 			5,400 				6,200 
3 			3,400 				3,900 
4 			2,400 				2,800 
5 			2,000 				2,300 
10 			1,350 				1,550 
30 			340 				395 
70 			100 				N/A 

FedEx Cup Bonus Structure

The FedEx Cup will award a total of $35 million in bonus money at the conclusion of the Playoffs including $10 million to the FedEx Cup Champion, the largest single bonus payout in sports.


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